Bisherige Symposien: Jahr 2021

Aufgrund der Corona-Pandemie musste das Symposium im Jahr 2021 leider entfallen. Stattdessen haben wir die Young Scholars Conference veranstaltet.


GEABA Young Scholars Conference

17. September 2021, online



09:15-09:30 Eröffnung der Young Scholars Conference

A. Rohlfing-Bastian, Vorsitzende der GEABA, Goethe-Universität Frankfurt

09:30-10:00 K. Konieczny: Conference Call Topics, Manager Roles, and Market Response: Should Managers Stick to their Topic?

Korreferent: J. Bischof

10:00-10:30 D. Fabisch: The Real Effects of Mandatory ESG Disclosure

Korreferent: A. Scholze

10:30-11:00 B. Franke, F. Niggemann

& K. Uhlenkamp: Private Benefits of Control, Mandatory Disclosure, and the Choice Between Public and Private Debt

Korreferent: U. Schiller

11:15-11:45 D. Rostam-Afschar

& M. Unsorg: Entry Regulation and Competition. Evidence from Retail and Labor Markets of Pharmacists

Korreferentin: A. Zaby

11:45-12:15 L. Pütz: Job-Related Determinants of Employees’ Psychological Detachment from Work

Korreferentin: S. Warning

12:15-12:45 H. Upton: Implicit Incentives and Delegation in Teams

Korreferent: M. Kräkel

14:15 -14:45 A. Oehler

& J. Schneider: Competition for Visibility: When do (FX) Signal Providers employ Lotteries?

Korreferent: A. Hillert

14:45 -15:15 M. Parlasca: Time Inconsistency in Stress Test Design

Korreferent: M. Reisinger

15:30 -16:00 F. v. Bieberstein, S. Jaussi

& A.-C. Kulle What strikes the eye: When attractiveness boosts compliance with Covid-19 protective measures

Korreferent: M. Kosfeld

16:00 -16:30 O. Gürtler

& L. Struth: Wage Gaps and Transparency Rules – A Theoretical Analysis

Korreferent: C. Lukas

16:30 -17:00 A. Ressi, D. Schaupp

& V. v. Pelt: What do you recommend? The Effects of Communication and Dark Personality on Misreporting by Self-Managed Teams

Korreferentin: F. v. Bieberstein

17:00 Schlussworte

F. v. Bieberstein, Stellv. Vorsitzende der GEABA, Universität Bern