René-Descartes Preis

Die GEABA zeichnet in jedem Jahr das beste Korreferat aus. Hierbei wird der Korreferent mit dem anregendsten und kritischten Vortrag prämiert – ganz nach René Descartes.

2014 Ulf Schiller The Effects of Disclosure Policy on Risk Management Incentives and Market Entry
2015 Karl Morasch Supply Side Effects of Pollution Tax Rate Asymmetries
2016 Anna Ressi Sabotage in capital budgeting: The effect of control and honesty on investment decisions
2017 Jörg Schiller Reference Pricing Systems on the Pharmaceutical Market
2018 Jörg Budde Accounting Conservatism and Long-term Debt Contracts: Taking into Account Renegotation
2019 Michael Ebert The impact of book-tax conformity on reporting and investment behavior